Advertising and Creative Services

“Seeing is believing” . . . and “Seeing” sells.  Consumers are bombarded with thousands of visual messages each day. The best presented messages with the most appealling graphics, illustrations and photography will stand out in customers’ mind.  The most compelling of these visual messages will inform, invite and persuade customers to buy your products or services.  This is where Westview Marketing comes in.  Our team of creative professionals will create compelling and relevant advertising messages and graphics for your business needs.

Investing in Advertising

Some business owners think that advertising is too complicated or expensive.  Neither are true.  Westview Marketing makes the advertising process easy for our clients with turn-key solutions.  With careful planning and budgeting, advertising is a good investment that pays for itself with increased revenues, customer loyalty and heighten brand awareness. In today’s competitive markets some form of advertising is a must.

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man
who stops the clock to save time.


Here are some of the advertising services Westview Marketing can handle for your company.

    Advertising Services:

      Media plans

      Establish target markets and demographics

      Creative Concept development


      Logo Development




      Media Planning

      Develop media budgets (monthly, quarterly or annually)

      Media Buying Services

      Collateral Material

      Photo Library

      Product Sheets & Brochures





      Print Media

      Promotional Materials

      Client workbooks & Training Manuals

      Print Ad series

      Direct Mail Campaigns (Email & Print)

      List management

      Track ROI (conversion)

      Television Commercials (Informercials, You-Tube)

      Sales and Training videos

      Radio Commercials