Marketing Services Offered by Westview Marketing

What comes first:  sales or marketing?  My answer is marketing.  At Westview Marketing we see the business world from both perspectives, the sales view and the marketing mindset.  With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing activities, we have seen that well developed marketing plan produce great sales campaigns.  It is like a game of football.  The marketing team is the coaching staff who study the competition, develop the strategy and train and motivate the players.  The sales executives are like the football players, high trained and practiced professional executing the team’s game plan.  The results are generally great sales and a winning team.

Out-source Marketing Services

Marketing is such an essential part of business.  However, in today’s economy many companies choose not to invest in a marketing staff.  Instead they hire Westview Marketing.  As a boutique marketing and consulting firm, Westview Marketing provides high quality marketing services on a project basis for businesses, professional practices and non-profit organizations.  Our team can develop an entire marketing plan or single marketing campaign, whatever your need and budget dictates.  Give us a call to discuss your marketing goals and let us give you new cost effective ideas to grow your business.

Here are some of the marketing services Westview Marketing provides our clients.

Westview Marketing Services

Marketing Research & Competitive Analysis
• Strategic Marketing Plans
• Marketing Research: Focus Groups & Surveys
• Consumer Profiling Models
• SWOT Analysis of key competitors & niche players
• Competitive Market Share Analysis & strategy
• Consumer Trends & Lifestyle

Product Strategy
• New Product development
• Product development – revenue models
• Product line extensions – market potential
• Product naming scheme – for product lines or lines of business
• Product & Offer packaging – (intangibles and tangibles)
• Inventory Plans – (operational & resource planning)

Pricing Strategy
• Strategic Pricing Strategies
• Competitive Pricing Analysis
• Revenue Modeling & Margin guidelines (by line of business)
• Track price elasticity (Historical trending)
• Develop promotional pricing – (Seasonal offer strategy)

Placement Strategy
• Channel Development – (Product distribution)
• Channel Support (Shelf life issues)
• Affiliate Strategies
• Partner Marketing Strategies

Promotion Strategy
• Promotional Offers (free gifts, sweepstakes, specials)
• Promotional Partners – cross-marketing opportunities
• Endorsements (City of Austin, Green Industries, Trade Associations, etc.)
• Certifications / Awards (Employee or Stakeholders)
• Testimonials (Manage and rotate testimonials)
• Loyalty Programs (Repeat customers and referral programs)