Sales or Marketing: Who should drive business strategy?

There are arm chair quarterbacks and back seat drivers in all organization with opinions on who should drive business strategy, the sales department or the marketing department.

This month’s Gorilla Meetup, we will host two business experts will duke it out in a debate on “Sales versus Marketing: Who should drive strategy?.

According to a recent study, only 17% of marketers and 14% of salespeople say that the two functional teams are fully aligned. This statistic is probably of no surprise for most sales and marketing teams; however it seems to blind side many managers who are clueless to the internal rift between functional teams. This month, we invite two Austin business experts to debate the topic of which functional team should lead business activities – sales or marketing.


Jan Triplett

Dr. Jan Triplett, co-founder of the Business Resource Center, will champion the position that “Sales” should drive business strategy.  She draws on her long career helping emerging companies and small businesses develop sales and marketing plans to prove her position that “sales should drive”. Jan is co-owner of the Business Success Center. Jan and her team of experts help young and  emerging companies develop the processes and infrastructure required for a success business. The Business Success Center has help hundreds of Central Texas business owners with sales, operations and marketing plans to take their businesses to new heights.


Francoise Luca

Opposing Jan’s position, will be Francoise Luca, co-owner of Business Finance Solutions who will argue that marketing should drive business strategy.  She draws on her experience in marketing and sales for AT&T and NBC and Univision to explain that a well developed marketing strategy should drive business operations. Francoise has worked with small businesses, professional practices and non-profits to create sustainable marketing programs to achieve desired  business growth,  She has also help turn around companies struggling with lack of customers, sales or branding. Her clients will attest to her calm demeanor and methodical approach to building a brand, its unique selling proposition and taking the message to the marketplace as a winning solution.



Eve Richter, Business Development

To facilitate this debate, we have invited Eve Richter.  As a veteran marketer, business consultant, and business development professional, Eve straddles the fence between sales and marketing, and looks forward to moderating this epic and ongoing battle. She is currently a Marketing and Operations Associate for Drop Zone Strategies, a Business Development Representative for Sales Engine International, a fitness coach with Fitness Within You, a producer with Go Blind Go, and a pet sitter with Paw Pause Pets. An entrepreneur and stand up comic, Eve will keep this debate entertaining.




Some of the topics we will discuss:

• Who owns the customer?

• Who determines price?

• Who determines “the pitch”?

• Who “drives” in your organization and how is that working out?

Join us for this enlightening and entertaining presentation and bring your questions.

Please RSVP at:

February 26, 2015
11:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Sherlock’s Bakery & Pub
9012 Research Blvd, Austin, TX